May 10th Board Meeting--Support CUSD Solar!

Hello everyone!

From Tesoro to San Juan to San Clemente, from Conservation Clubs to Investment Clubs, the students of Capo Unified School District have been working hard for the past year on the CUSD solar initiative.  The culmination of their hard work will take place on May 10th at a District Board meeting (7:00pm).  There, they hope for the District to pass funds for a solar feasibility analysis.

A feasibility analysis is a study conducted by a specialist to determine if and how solar can be implemented for CUSD schools.   It will effectively aid the District in understanding the process for procuring solar, identifying the best schools to begin solar installment, and determine how much money the District can save!  

The students will be attending the May 10th Board meeting on behalf of the feasibility analysis, which they hope will pass through the District.  Then, the CUSD community will be one step closer to realizing the potential economic, educational, and environmental benefits of solar.

Any support that can be offered is welcome and encouraged!   The Board meeting will take place at 7:00pm, and the presentation by the students will be about 15 minutes.  Anyone from the CUSD community is encouraged to come to the District Office to support the cause.  

If you have questions, please see "contact us" and get in touch!  We look forward to your support.