Update: Progress on CUSD Solar!

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce the progress the CUSD solar students have made toward CUSD solar procurement, and I look forward to what is to come!

On May 10th about five months ago, the CUSD solar students presented on solar once again to the school Board.  This time, they focused on CUSD's investment in a solar feasibility analysis.  Speakers included: Tesoro Conservation Club members Jack Harstein, Ally Novales, and Kyle Krueger; Tesoro Investment Club president Perry Meade; Ecology Action Team president and CUSD Solar Initiative founder Russell Tran; San Clemente Blue Oceans Club President Erika Hunting; and San Clemente IB student Ava Harvey, who conducted her own solar feasibility analysis. Approximately a hundred or more other students, parents, and teachers came to support the students, whose presentation focused on the potential financial and environmental benefits of solar.  Success followed; the last five months have been exciting as feasibility analyst Russell Driver explores different solar options.  

Once again, the CUSD students are preparing to ask for your support.  At a Board meeting in the near future, the solar students may be presenting once more--this time, in the hopes that the Board will finalize a contract with a solar company, thus procuring solar for CUSD.  

A Board meeting on November 8th will be discussing the feasibility analyst's solar vendor recommendation. While it will not be as publicized as the meeting that follows--which will deal with the actual solar contract--anyone interested in the CUSD Solar Initiative is invited to attend to learn more.

After the November 8th Board meeting, another update will be posted detailing when and where the Board may decide on a final contract with a solar company!

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at a Board meeting in the future! Please refer to "contact us" to reach me with any questions.

-Kyle Krueger

CUSD Solar Initiative: Head Coordinator